Buffer Festival 365

I worked as a Freelance Writer for Buffer Festival for approximately half a year, beginning in November 2020. It's an annual online video festival that occurs in Toronto, and I was tasked with writing content for its 365 blog. The website is currently on hiatus.

A full list of articles can be found on my author's page.

“Music videos are similar to comedy in a lot of ways” – Jack Howard talks directing music videos for Leadley and Glass Caves

Jack Howard is someone you could describe as being a Jack (and Dean) of all trades when it comes to the filmmaking world. With a catalogue that includes sketches and a comedy series, and experience with writing and directing his own content and that of others, it’s no surprise to see him dipping his feet into a new medium: music videos. A perceived challenge for some filmmakers, Jack was prepared to dive all in and lend his unique flare to tracks by Leadley and Glass Caves.

A Look Into Bertie Gilbert’s upcoming film, PLEASE CARE.

“I’m incredibly fascinated by the ways in which we do or don’t bear our souls,” explains UK-based filmmaker, Bertie Gilbert, when discussing his upcoming short film, PLEASE CARE. The 23-year-old recently announced he was prepping to film the new project, his first since the release of 2019’s GOOD RIDDANCE. In order to help bring the project to fruition, he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign, where viewers can donate funds in support.

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