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From Riches to Rags: The Tragic Life of Peter Pan’s Bobby Driscoll

Bobby Driscoll isn’t a name many are familiar with these days, but his voice is one you’d recognize if you’ve watched Disney’s Peter Pan. Driscoll played the titular character, which would be his final role with the company. His career shows how difficult the entertainment industry can be, especially for children, and what happens when Hollywood no longer feels you have the right look.

Missouri State Penitentiary: The Bloodiest 47 Acres in America

With America expanding west during the 1800s, the need arose for new prison facilities. For those located in the southwest, the answer to this issue was the Missouri State Penitentiary, the area’s largest and most effective maximum security prison. During its nearly century and a half of operations, it housed many famous names and earned itself a reputation as “the bloodiest 47 acres in America.”

“Music videos are similar to comedy in a lot of ways” – Jack Howard talks directing music videos for Leadley and Glass Caves

Jack Howard is someone you could describe as being a Jack (and Dean) of all trades when it comes to the filmmaking world. With a catalogue that includes sketches and a comedy series, and experience with writing and directing his own content and that of others, it’s no surprise to see him dipping his feet into a new medium: music videos. A perceived challenge for some filmmakers, Jack was prepared to dive all in and lend his unique flare to tracks by Leadley and Glass Caves.

A Look Into Bertie Gilbert’s upcoming film, PLEASE CARE.

“I’m incredibly fascinated by the ways in which we do or don’t bear our souls,” explains UK-based filmmaker, Bertie Gilbert, when discussing his upcoming short film, PLEASE CARE. The 23-year-old recently announced he was prepping to film the new project, his first since the release of 2019’s GOOD RIDDANCE. In order to help bring the project to fruition, he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign, where viewers can donate funds in support.

Artist Feature: Kids

“We set out on an adventure to write this record. We took time off [from] our jobs to hike and camp the Appalachian Trail and [followed] up our adventures there in a log cabin in Chattanooga, TN, where we converted the entire living room into a writing studio,” says Kids vocalist and bassist Joshua Diaz about the band’s upcoming debut album, Rich Coast. “We played old spaghetti westerns and kung fu movies on silent – films we watched as a kid – as we documented musically the feelings of the adventures we just had, paired with lyrics inspired over the last few years of our lives.”

Diary of an Anorexic (Part 1 of 2)

Writer’s Note: Last week, I had the idea of writing a few diary entries from the point of view of someone with anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder characterized by the restriction of food. As someone who is currently recovering from anorexia, I have seen and heard pretty much all the stereotypes placed upon someone with it, and feel these entries might open some eyes and show readers the reality of the disorder. It’s a two-part series, with each part focusing on a different journey: the first part on the disorder’s development and part two on one's recovery from it.
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